Hair Favourites

There are a variety of hair care products and tools that I use on a regular basis to keep my hair healthy and styled. I often mix up the hairsprays and styling products I use, however there are a few things that I go back to time and time again.


I always alternate the shampoos and conditioners I use as it is said to prevent hair from becoming dull and lifeless. I incorporate a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner into my routine at least once a week, as it keeps the hair fresh and removes the build up from the scalp and hair. The one I often use is from the Herbal Essence Naked range, as it’s really affordable and smells amazing. Sulphate free hair products are often highly priced, so it’s great to see a high street alternative.

I try not to wash my hair every day, as it strips the hair of its natural oils and can actually make your hair oilier in the long run. So dry shampoo is an absolute must have for me. I always use Batiste dry shampoo as it is really affordable and works really well at keeping hair fresh and bouncy. A tip for those of you with dark hair, you may notice that dry shampoo leaves a white cast on the hair. I recommend spraying dry shampoo on your roots before going to bed as it gives the hair a chance to absorb the product and also minimises any white marks!

Something I never thought I needed, but now I wouldn’t go with without, is my Tangle Teezer. These brushes claim to glide through tangles, prevent hair breakage and damage whilst encouraging the growth of shiny, healthy hair. This works on all sorts of hair, including wet hair, hair extensions and children’s hair. The standard brushes come in a huge variety of colours such as neon orange, leopard print and plain black. They also have travel brushes that are fab for carrying around in your hand bag. The standard brushes aren’t recommended for use while heat styling, however I have noticed Tangle Teezer have just released a range of styling brushes, yippee! You can pick up a Tangle Teezer at your local boots store for £10.99. It may seem a little steep for a hairbrush, but it’s well worth the investment!

When I’m not straightening my hair with my faithful GHD’s, I usually opt for some kind of curl. The Remington Pearl CI95 Curling Wand is by far the best curling device I have ever used. I have a large collection of tongs and wands all of which have a slightly different variation in the curl they produce, but this one is super long lasting. It is a conical wand, which means it tapers in towards the end of the wand, and it also doesn’t have a clip so you simply wrap your hair around the wand to create a curl. You do have to be careful not to burn yourself, which is why the wand includes a heat proof glove to protect your hands while curling. Depending on how you use this, it can create a variety of looks including beachy waves and vintage curls. The RRP for this wand is £25.99, but if you do a bit of shopping around you can get this for around £15 as it is often on offer, which I think is a seriously good deal. This wand is available in Boots, Argos, Debenhams and also Amazon.