The 20-day Palette Challenge!

I have far, far, far too many eyeshadow palettes, and next to my lipstick collection, it is the most overpopulated category of my makeup stash. So this month I have set myself the challenge of using a different eyeshadow palette, for everyday that I wear makeup, for 20 days! The main reason for doing this is that I have so many beautiful palettes, but they are often neglected as I end up reusing a small selection of palettes over and over again. I will be updating the list of palettes I have been using several times a week. If anyone wants any in-depth reviews on any of the palettes I have mentioned, just drop me a line!


1. Urban Decay – Naked 3 (Strange, Nooner, Buzz, Factory)

2. Too Faced – A Few of My Favourite Things (Cream Coloured Ponies, Milk Chocolate, Taffy, Woolen Mittens)

3. Wet n Wild – Comfort Zone (All shades)


4. Stila – In The Garden (Nectar, Breeze, Freesia)

5. Too Faced – Joy to the Girls (Snow Angel, Cookie Dough, Joy, Mulberry)

6. Mac – Warm Neutrals (Brule, Amber lights, Saddle)

7. The Balm – Nude Tude (Sassy, Sultry, Seductive, Sexy)

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Maya Mia (Vanilla, Warm Taupe, Caramel, Glisten)

9. Too Faced – Romantic eye (Soulmates, Bouquet toss, I do, Cut the cake, First dance)

10. Kat Von D – Chrysalis (Lifelike, Glasswing, Transition, Mezzanine)

11. Urban Decay – Naked (Naked, Buck, Toasted, Sin, Hustle)

12. Too Faced – Matte eye (Velveteen Bunny, Chinchilla, Coffee Bean)

13. Urban Decay – Vice 3 (Truth, Alien, Alchemy, Bondage)


14. Urban Decay – Deluxe Shadow Box (Shag, Scratch, Underground)

15. Urban Decay – Naked 2 (Bootycall, Tease, YDK, Busted)

16. Cargo – Vintage Escape Fall (Autumn, Withered Leaves, Hot Cocoa)


17. BH Cosmetics – Galaxy Chic (Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars)


18. Stila – In the light (Bare, Kitten, Bubbly, Bliss, Sunset)

19. Kat Von D – Monarch (Entomology, Telepathy, Vanish, Wrath, Papillio)

20. Too Faced – Chocolate Bar (White chocolate, Salted caramel, Marzipan, Hazelnut, Champagne truffle)

20-day palette challenge completed!

This was really beneficial to me, as it made me make use of all of my palettes and not rely on just a few select palettes for a quick and easy look. I used only the colours in the palette that I used on each individual day (no additional crease/highlight colours). This definitely made me realise which palettes were the most versatile. Versatility is great with eyeshadow palettes as it means you can create a number of looks that require no additional products, hence making them pocket and travel friendly!

Although I love the majority of these palettes, my top five palettes from this experience have been:

1. BH Cosmetics – Galaxy Chic
2. Too Faced – A Few of My Favourite Things
3. Kat Von D – Monarch
4. Urban Decay – Vice 3
5. Cargo – Vintage Escape Fall