Urban Decay Naked Palettes

I have a whole range of high street and high end makeup products in my collection, and while most of the time I try to find more affordable alternatives, some higher end products are just worth the investment.


Some of my favourite eye shadow palettes are from the brand Urban Decay. You may have heard of their famous ‘Naked’ palettes, and if you are looking for a worthwhile and versatile palette they are worth considering. Urban Decay has now released three Naked eye shadow palettes, each centred around a tonal theme while still staying neutral. Each of the palettes contains a combination of 12 matte and shimmer eye shadows that are suitable for everyday use, as well as for more special occasions. They also come with an eye shadow brush and either eye shadow primer (Naked 1 and 3) or lip gloss (Naked 2).

The original naked palette contains warm toned shadows including highlight colours, a variety of shimmery lid shades, matte crease colours and a deep black. One of my favourite shades from this palette is Toasted, a warm pink toned brown. The Naked 2 palette contains cool tone shadows, again with a wide choice of shadows to suit any occasion but more on the taupe end of the spectrum. A fond favourite from this palette is the shadow Pistol, which is a light gunmetal silver shade. The third palette is more focused around rose toned shadows including pink, rose gold and maroon shades. Nooner is a great mauve, matte crease colour in this palette.

UD 2

Each palette is of excellent quality and is highly pigmented. You can create a number of looks from just the one palette, which means you don’t need any additional eye shadows. I personally love all three of these palettes, so when making the choice of which one to buy it is all down to personal preference as they are all as good as each other. While I don’t usually opt for a smoky eye on a day-to-day basis, the imminent arrival of Naked Smoky means I may have to purchase in order to complete my Naked collection!

As always, I would recommend using an eye shadow primer with these shadows. The high street offer a great range of affordable options including Essence I love stage primer, Maybelline colour tattoos and E.L.F eye shadow primer. The Naked palettes retail for £38, but Debenhams often do 10% off beauty sales, which is often when I do my high end makeup shopping as you can get a bit of a discount.

A cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Naked palettes come from the super affordable brand MUA. They have dupes for each of the first two palettes – Undressed (Naked 1) and Undress me too (Naked 2). MUA have really good quality eye shadows at affordable prices. So if you aren’t ready to take the plunge and invest big bucks then check out the MUA palettes for only £4 a piece!


Urban Decay Summer Collection 2015


Urban decay has come out with a whole range of new products for summer 2015. The brand previously had a limited number blushes available. However their new collection brings us a range of 12 brand new matte and shimmer Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blushes (£19.00).

The luxury packaging is gunmetal with a cut out on the lid so you get a peek of the shade inside. They have a finely-milled formula which means they apply smoothly and blend out well. They have great pigmentation and a shade range with something to suit everyone. I have the shades Video (a neutral nude brown) and Fetish (a pink-nude). I definitely want to give Crush and Rapture a try though.

Urban Decay has also released their Revolution High-Colour Lipglosses (£15.00). This collection contains 14 highly pigmented lipgloss shades. They apply super buttery and smooth, last a long time on the lips, while not being sticky or tacky. They are available in crème and sparkle formulas. I currently own the shade Liar, which is an everyday medium nude in a crème formula, but I do have my eye on Punch Drunk and Scandal.

In addition to the blushes and lipglosses, Urban Decay has added to their already extensive eye shadow collection. They have released eight new eye shadow shades (£14.00) which contain six duo chrome shades and two mattes. They are incredibly pigmented (as expected with Urban Decay!) and apply smoothly to the lid. I love that they have released more duo chrome shades, as I really felt there was a gap in the market for duo chrome. I have the shade Sideline which is a rich yellow gold with an olive green shift, but I definitely want to try more of the duo chrome shades!

Have you tried any of Urban Decay’s new products?

I’m looking forward to the upcoming release of their Matte Revolution Lipsticks!


American Makeup Haul

I have accumulated a fair amount of American brand makeup over the last six months or so for a number of reasons, such as family visiting from the states, the discovery of beauty joint.com etc, etc! I did a fair bit of research into the products I ordered, and a lot of the items are well known products in the beauty community. So I will say I’m very happy with the majority of these items!



Milani Bella Eyeshadows – Love these! They are incredibly pigmented and have an amazing range of shades. Most of the shades are shimmer finish, but they do have a few matte shades, which make great crease colours. I own 15 of these at the moment. After ordering a couple of shades a few months ago, I had to go back for more! My top recommendations would be Bella Copper, Bella Gold, Bella Khaki, Bella Mandarin and Bella Rose.
Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks – Super affordable, massive range of shades that provide great dupes for higher end lippies and last ages on the lips! My favourites of the moment are Sugar Plum Fairy, Bare It All, Pinkerbelle and Rose Bud.
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints – These are compared to the Too faced Melted lipsticks, however I feel that while the packaging of these products are very similar the finish is totally different. Too faced Melted lipsticks dry to a matte finish, whereas the LA girl Glazed lip paints maintain more of a glossy finish. I find them more comparable to OCC lip tars, with their finish and highly pigmented gloss effect. Again, these are really affordable and have a unique range colours available. I love Whimsical, Tango and Tease.




Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette and Walking on Eggshells palette – I really enjoy using these palettes. There has been a lot of hype over them, and for good reason it seems. I particularly loved the Walking on Eggshells palette. The shades look very neutral, but give such an amazing shimmery, fresh look to the eyes. This also contains some good dupes for Mac shadows.

(For UK readers, these products are available on beautyjoint.com)




Anastasia Maya Mia palette – The Anastasia palettes have been really popular in the YouTube community, so I wanted to test one out for myself. I really like the warm tones in this palette with a few pops of colour. This makes a good everyday palette or something for travelling with as you can achieve a number of looks with just this one palette.

Kat Von D Chrysalis palette – I picked up the Monarch palette on my last trip to the states and the pigmentation was so wow that I had to get the Chrysalis palette too. Beautiful and unique colours, and some of the best shadows I’ve ever used. Kat Von D rocks my world.

Lorac Pro 2 palette – Another product which has had an amazing amount of hype surrounding it. I don’t often opt for cool tone shadows, but these shades are lovely. Again this is a highly pigmented palette and I can see why everyone loves it!

And that’s it! I need to start building up my beauty wish list again for my next trip to the US, so if you have any recommendations or must-have products, then please let me know!


The 20-day Palette Challenge!

I have far, far, far too many eyeshadow palettes, and next to my lipstick collection, it is the most overpopulated category of my makeup stash. So this month I have set myself the challenge of using a different eyeshadow palette, for everyday that I wear makeup, for 20 days! The main reason for doing this is that I have so many beautiful palettes, but they are often neglected as I end up reusing a small selection of palettes over and over again. I will be updating the list of palettes I have been using several times a week. If anyone wants any in-depth reviews on any of the palettes I have mentioned, just drop me a line!


1. Urban Decay – Naked 3 (Strange, Nooner, Buzz, Factory)

2. Too Faced – A Few of My Favourite Things (Cream Coloured Ponies, Milk Chocolate, Taffy, Woolen Mittens)

3. Wet n Wild – Comfort Zone (All shades)


4. Stila – In The Garden (Nectar, Breeze, Freesia)

5. Too Faced – Joy to the Girls (Snow Angel, Cookie Dough, Joy, Mulberry)

6. Mac – Warm Neutrals (Brule, Amber lights, Saddle)

7. The Balm – Nude Tude (Sassy, Sultry, Seductive, Sexy)

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Maya Mia (Vanilla, Warm Taupe, Caramel, Glisten)

9. Too Faced – Romantic eye (Soulmates, Bouquet toss, I do, Cut the cake, First dance)

10. Kat Von D – Chrysalis (Lifelike, Glasswing, Transition, Mezzanine)

11. Urban Decay – Naked (Naked, Buck, Toasted, Sin, Hustle)

12. Too Faced – Matte eye (Velveteen Bunny, Chinchilla, Coffee Bean)

13. Urban Decay – Vice 3 (Truth, Alien, Alchemy, Bondage)


14. Urban Decay – Deluxe Shadow Box (Shag, Scratch, Underground)

15. Urban Decay – Naked 2 (Bootycall, Tease, YDK, Busted)

16. Cargo – Vintage Escape Fall (Autumn, Withered Leaves, Hot Cocoa)


17. BH Cosmetics – Galaxy Chic (Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars)


18. Stila – In the light (Bare, Kitten, Bubbly, Bliss, Sunset)

19. Kat Von D – Monarch (Entomology, Telepathy, Vanish, Wrath, Papillio)

20. Too Faced – Chocolate Bar (White chocolate, Salted caramel, Marzipan, Hazelnut, Champagne truffle)

20-day palette challenge completed!

This was really beneficial to me, as it made me make use of all of my palettes and not rely on just a few select palettes for a quick and easy look. I used only the colours in the palette that I used on each individual day (no additional crease/highlight colours). This definitely made me realise which palettes were the most versatile. Versatility is great with eyeshadow palettes as it means you can create a number of looks that require no additional products, hence making them pocket and travel friendly!

Although I love the majority of these palettes, my top five palettes from this experience have been:

1. BH Cosmetics – Galaxy Chic
2. Too Faced – A Few of My Favourite Things
3. Kat Von D – Monarch
4. Urban Decay – Vice 3
5. Cargo – Vintage Escape Fall


My Drugstore Makeup Picks: Eyes

I’m back with the next instalment of my series on my favourite drugstore makeup picks, and this time were looking at eyes! So, here is my list of my all time favourite affordable eye products…


Maybelline Colour Tattoos
These provide a great base for all eyeshadow looks and look great on their own for a wash of colour. If you have seen my previous in depth post on Mac paint pots, you will know that these are highly comparable at just a fraction of the price! They come in a whole range of colours in both matte and shimmer finishes and are priced at around £4.99.


MUA Eyeshadows
MUA shadows are just amazing! They have a massive range of single shadow shades, in traditional and more unique colours, to give a variety of eyeshadow looks. I also use shade 19 (a dark matte brown) to fill in my eyebrows. Their eyeshadow palettes are also of great quality, they are highly pigmented and they have some really good dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Single eyeshadows are priced at only £1 and palettes are around £4.

L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadows
Highly pigmented, long lasting shadows that always give off a really vibrant finish. Recently I have noticed that these are making less and less of an appearance in the drugstore and I fear they may have been discontinued in the UK (shock, horror!) But they are available on Amazon, and I highly recommend picking them up if you ever see them around!wpid-wp-1422394060284.jpeg

Bourjois Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner
As a big fan of winged liner, I have tried numerous liquid eyeliners over the years and I always come back to this one. Nothing compares. It is long lasting, doesn’t smudge and the brush is so easy to use. It allows you to create a thick or thin line, which is really pigmented and doesn’t required extra layers to build intensity. This is one product I could not live without!

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara
Now, mascara is all down to personal preference, but for me I always like a mascara that defines my lashes, adds length and the appearance of more lashes without clumping. This is my mascara of the moment. I always have around half a dozen mascaras on the go at a time as I can’t resist testing out new products! But this is something I will definitely be repurchasing.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil Eyeliner
For a long lasting pencil that’s great on the lashline as well as the waterline, you can’t get better than this at the drugstore. It’s a good dupe for the well renowned Urban Decay eyeliners, and has a variety of great shades. This includes a nude pencil which is excellent for use in the waterline to brighten the eyes.

Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara
I use this to set my brows after applying a shadow or cream product when I fill them in. However, if you are lucky enough to have naturally well defined brows this is great for adding a hint of colour and keeping your brows neat and tidy. Big brows are back – embrace them!

Hope you you found this helpful, next time I will be talking about my very favourite lip products (and I will warn you, I am a total lipstick junkie!)



The Lowdown on Mac Paint Pots

Mac paint pots are probably my most favoured Mac product and my most highly recommended. Applied to the eyelid, they make eyeshadows appear more vibrant, prevent colour fading and creasing, conceal any eyelid discolouration, last forever and come in a whole range of colours! However, I do find that some paint pots are better than others and can do different jobs. So here are my thoughts on my collection of Mac paint pots…

L-R Painterly, Soft Ochre, Bare Study, Rubenesque, Indianwood, Quite Natural.

L-R Painterly, Soft Ochre, Bare Study, Rubenesque, Indianwood, Quite Natural.

Painterly – This is a pigmented neutral skin tone colour with slight pink undertones. This is my most loved and most used paint pot! I’ve had this for nearly two years and use it practically everyday to provide a base for any eyeshadow looks, and I still have loads left. It’s great at evening out your skin tone and concealing any redness on the eyelid. I will often use this alone on my ‘no makeup makeup’ days with a slick of mascara. This is the paint pot that I often recommend to people who are beginners or just starting their makeup collection as it provides a good base for any eyeshadow, while making them last all day.
Score: 5/5

Soft Ochre – This is another skin tone shade but with more yellow undertones. This is a recent purchase for me as I thought I would buy it to try when my painterly paint pot runs out. This again has all the benefits of painterly but with a more yellow tone. Therefore, if you have more of a yellow or golden undertone to your skin I would recommend soft ochre, yet if you have a more neutral to cool skin tone, then go for the painterly.
Score: 5/5

Bare Study – This is a shimmery champagne colour that provides a good base for any shimmer eyeshadow looks. This can be worn alone on the lid, however while I feel it swatches quite nicely it doesn’t quite translate onto the lid. It appears very sheer and I sometimes feel it very slightly gathers and clings to patches on the eyelid. I purchased this paint pot the same time as painterly, and I must say I’ve not used it a fraction as much. Saying that, it is a nice base and may show up more pigmented on someone of a paler complexion. And if you are someone who just likes a very natural wash of shimmer on the eyelid then it may be just what you’re looking for. Bare study can also be used as a highlight on the top of the cheekbone, which reflects light nicely and provides a long lasting highlight, whether used alone or under a powder highlight.
Score: 3/5

Rubenesque – This is a shimmery warm gold with slight pinkish tones. This is a good base for any gold or bronze eye looks, yet my sentiment with this paint pot is relatively similar to that of bare study. Alone it can come off quite sheer, it has a little more pigment than bare study when on the eyelid, but doesn’t do much for me when worn alone. However, I do feel that when it is worn under golden tone eyeshadows it makes them considerably more vibrant and long lasting. For example, when I received the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for Christmas I was delighted. The shade that called to me the most was trick, a beautiful rose gold shadow. However, I felt that the pigment of this colour just didn’t translate well when swatched or applied to the lid. Yet, when using rubenesque as a base I feel it really showcases the rose gold tones of trick and makes it appear much more pigmented.
Score: 4/5

Indianwood – This is a pigmented shimmery warm bronze colour that is a great base for a blown out bronze eye or is great worn alone. Unlike rubenesque, indianwood is a highly pigmented shade, which provides more than enough colour when worn alone. This is one of my more recent purchases, yet it is fast becoming on of my favourites. This is an amazing shade for the summer months if you’re looking for something that you can just throw on and know that the colour will last all day, and won’t melt away in the hot weather. This is definitely going to be one of my holiday essentials!
Score: 5/5

Quite Natural – This is a matte neutral medium brown shade. This is a good colour for providing a base for a smokey eye. It works well under both black and brown shadows and makes a smokey eye much deeper and opaque. It is a very pigmented shade and can be worn alone, but you need to ensure that it is blended out evenly. Since it is such a dark shade it can appear patchy on the lid if it is not applied evenly. I also often use this paint pot to fill in my brows using a small angled brush. As it is a neutral brown it provides a natural looking brow colour while giving good definition. This dries quickly though, so it can make the brush a little difficult to work with when applying to brows. But I find just wiping the excess off the brush between strokes eliminates this problem. I have also seen quite natural used as a cream contour, by applying a small amount to a contour brush and applying the product to the hollows of the cheeks and blended out. I haven’t tried this yet, but one day when I’m feeling brave I will give it a go!
Score: 4/5

L-R Painterly, Soft Ochre, Bare Study, Rubenesque, Indianwood, Quite Natural.

L-R Painterly, Soft Ochre, Bare Study, Rubenesque, Indianwood, Quite Natural.

So, in summary, if you’re looking to start off your paint pot collection, my top picks would be – Painterly or Soft Ochre for a natural skin tone shade that provides a good base for any colour shadows, and Indianwood for a quick, everyday bronze eye that looks great worn alone. However, it really depends on what you’re looking for, they are all good quality products.

Mac paint pots can be bought in Mac stores and online for around £15. Look out for Debenhams 10% off beauty sales, as this applies to all Mac products. Cheaper alternatives can be found at the drugstore. For example, Maybelline colour tattoos have an amazing range of colours from bright gold to teal. On and on bronze is a good alternative to indianwood paint pot, but is more of a cool bronze. Maybelline colour tattoos do lack the more neutral, matte shades and their staying power is not quite as good as the paint pots, but if you’re looking to try out something new but don’t want to blow the bank, then for the £4.99 price tag you can’t go wrong!

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette

Ever since the Galaxy Chic palette was released last year I have been desperate to get my hands on it. Watching youtubers like Carli Bybel rave about it, made me all the more eager to find it in the UK. At last, I struck lucky when I recently found a seller on ebay. And I must say, it was worth the wait!


The 18 baked eyeshadows are highly pigmented, shimmery shadows with a unique variety of colours. My faves of the moment are Sun (a bronze/gold shade, which looks amazing alone or on top of Mac Indianwood paintpot), Jupiter (a beautiful shimmery coral), Cosmic (a pale lilac) and Comet (a pale mint, which looks great on the lid with a neutral crease).


Overall, I am very impressed and would 100% recommend this palette to someone who loves shimmer and wants to break away from everyday neutrals without going too bold. For shadows of this quality and at around the £15 mark, I’m a very happy girl!