Stila at TKMaxx Haul

Much to my delight, on recent shopping trip to TKMaxx, I noticed they had stocked up on a considerable amount of Stila makeup products. I probably spent a good half an hour sifting through all the products they had there, and I ended up leaving with some amazing bargains!



The first thing I spotted was the Stay all day liquid lipstick in the shade Tesoro. I have a few of these liquid lipsticks already, which I have paid the full retail price of £16 for. I managed to pick Tesoro up at TKMaxx for an impressive £4.99!


A product I had been eyeing up recently for its full price of £30, was the Eyes to the window of the soul palette. So when I saw it on the shelves of TKMaxx for only £12.99 I knew I had to have it.


I also grabbed a gift box set called Shimmer all night, which I haven’t seen in the UK but I believe it was retailed in the US for $38. This box contains a full size Kitten lipgloss and eyeshadow, two full size smudge sticks in the shades Stingray and Damsel and a deluxe size convertible lip and cheek colour in the shade Peony. I think this box is fantastic value anyway but I managed to get it for the further discounted price of £9.99


My final and probably most impressive bargain was the Magnificent Metals Foil eyeshadows. I have always fancied trying these but I just couldn’t justify the hefty £33.50 price tag for an eyeshadow I’ll probably only wear on the odd occasion. However, I spotted these in TKMaxx for just £3.99! I couldn’t resist, so I picked up three in the shades Metallic Lavender, Titanium and Metallic Lilac.


For anyone looking to try out Stila makeup I would 100% recommend popping to your local TKMaxx to check on any products they may have there. Also with Christmas around the corner, these could make some fab gifts that your friends and family would love you for!


REVIEW: Max Factor Lipfinity Lipsticks

I spotted Max Factor’s new Lipfinity lipsticks on a recent shopping trip to my local Boots. I hadn’t heard anything about them previously, however when swatching the testers the creamy pigmented formula definitely appealed to me so I snapped up a few on the spot.


L-R: Ever Sumptuous, Evermore Sublime, So Vivid

These lipsticks claim to last around 8 hours on the lips and come in a range of colours. Usually long lasting lipstick formulas tend to be of a matte consistency and can be a little drying on the lips. These lippies seemed to have a sheen to them though and were a bit more moisturising than your standard stay all day lipstick.

I picked up the shades So Vivid (a muted rosy red colour), Ever Sumptuous (a vibrant orange, while still being wearable) and Evermore Sublime (an everyday medium pink, perfect for work or school).

I really like the formula of these lipsticks as they are long lasting without being overly drying. I don’t know if they would last a full 8 hours without any top ups, but they do seem to last a long time. I also love the smell of these lipsticks. To me they smell like strawberry sweets, which I can’t get enough of! However, if you’re not a fan of sweet smells you may want to give these a miss.


The only complaint I would have is the shape of the actual lipstick. The flat top makes it quite difficult to get a super neat edge to the lip line. However, after a few uses I’m sure it will mould to fit my lips, which will make application easier.

These lipsticks retail for £8.99, however Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer on all Max Factor products.

Urban Decay Summer Collection 2015


Urban decay has come out with a whole range of new products for summer 2015. The brand previously had a limited number blushes available. However their new collection brings us a range of 12 brand new matte and shimmer Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blushes (£19.00).

The luxury packaging is gunmetal with a cut out on the lid so you get a peek of the shade inside. They have a finely-milled formula which means they apply smoothly and blend out well. They have great pigmentation and a shade range with something to suit everyone. I have the shades Video (a neutral nude brown) and Fetish (a pink-nude). I definitely want to give Crush and Rapture a try though.

Urban Decay has also released their Revolution High-Colour Lipglosses (£15.00). This collection contains 14 highly pigmented lipgloss shades. They apply super buttery and smooth, last a long time on the lips, while not being sticky or tacky. They are available in crème and sparkle formulas. I currently own the shade Liar, which is an everyday medium nude in a crème formula, but I do have my eye on Punch Drunk and Scandal.

In addition to the blushes and lipglosses, Urban Decay has added to their already extensive eye shadow collection. They have released eight new eye shadow shades (£14.00) which contain six duo chrome shades and two mattes. They are incredibly pigmented (as expected with Urban Decay!) and apply smoothly to the lid. I love that they have released more duo chrome shades, as I really felt there was a gap in the market for duo chrome. I have the shade Sideline which is a rich yellow gold with an olive green shift, but I definitely want to try more of the duo chrome shades!

Have you tried any of Urban Decay’s new products?

I’m looking forward to the upcoming release of their Matte Revolution Lipsticks!


Online Beauty Shopping

Shopping for makeup on the high street can provide a fair range of variety and choice, especially living in larger cities like Cardiff or Bristol. However, in smaller towns the options are somewhat more limited to the counters in Boots and Superdrug. Yet, there are a number of shopping opportunities online where you can access brands that are hard to get hold of, and often at discounted prices.


Amazon have an amazing variety of brands available to buy here in the UK. One of my favourite brands,The Balm, (super pigmented products in beautiful kitsch vintage packaging) have a whole variety of products on Amazon. This includes their famous ‘Lou Manizer’ range, which consists of the top rated ‘Mary Lou Manizer’ and ‘Cindy Lou Manizer’ highlighter, and ‘Betty Lou Manizer’ bronzer. They have a whole other selection of blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks. I recently picked up The Balm Jovi palette, which usually retails at £38, for the reduced price of £16, bargain!

Anyone who watches beauty videos on YouTube will have heard of the numerous American brands of makeup, such as Milani and Wet n Wild, which unfortunately are not freely available in stores over here. However Amazon supply a wide range of products from American brands. My top recommendations would be any of the Milani baked blushes (approx. £4.99) and Wet n Wild megalast lipsticks (around £2.50). Amazon can charge a little extra than what you may pay in America but that can be expected. Just make sure you’re not paying over the odds by doing a little research.

For those of you looking to delve a little further into the market of American makeup, have an extensive range of products that are shipped at reasonable prices when selecting the standard shipping option. I often make orders on this website and haven’t had any problems with delivery or customs charges. Parcels usually arrive approximately a week after their dispatch date. 

Another hidden gem of a website is They sell a variety of eco friendly brands from the UK and America. This is my favourite stop for Lime Crime Velvetines – super long-lasting liquid lipsticks, and Sugarpill loose eyeshadow pigments. 

 I understand some people like to test makeup products in person and see the colour against their skin. So I get that online makeup shopping might not be for everyone, but as a makeup junkie, I like to be able to access all the brands I possibly can! Before buying anything online, I always make sure I search for product reviews and swatches online. That way I can get the best possible idea of what to expect before buying.  

BH Cosmetics Wild Baked Eyeshadow Palettes

Following my ultra obsession with the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette, I have been desperate to get my mitts on BH’s three new baked eyeshadow palettes. However, as they are relatively new to the states, it means they are practically impossible to get hold of in the UK, unless you are willing to pay the shipping fees over from the US. Well, I caved. The cyber Monday sales meant that instead of the palettes being $19.95 each, they were $7.50 (impossible to resist!) Unfortunately, it was the shipping that tipped the scale at $14.95, but I felt I could just about justify it as I was getting such a bargain on the palettes!

So here is what I got…

Wild & Free




Wild at Heart




Wild Child




Once again, BH Cosmetics has exceeded my expectations and produced three amazing quality, beautifully baked eyeshadow palettes. Each palette provides truly unique shades, which can create a wide variety of looks. Out of the three palettes Wild and Free was probably the palette which I felt would be most out of my comfort zone. However, it contains some of the most enticing colours I have seen in a palette, particularly the bright cornflower blue shade and the deep teal green shade on the top row of the palette. I will be doing my best to use these colours as often as possible! In terms of wearability, you can easily create everyday looks with the three of these palettes, probably the most wearable being the Wild Child palette.
I love all three of these palettes, and I am so glad I invested in them!

You can find these baked palettes on BH cosmetics website: and also on ebay.


American Makeup Haul

I have accumulated a fair amount of American brand makeup over the last six months or so for a number of reasons, such as family visiting from the states, the discovery of beauty etc, etc! I did a fair bit of research into the products I ordered, and a lot of the items are well known products in the beauty community. So I will say I’m very happy with the majority of these items!



Milani Bella Eyeshadows – Love these! They are incredibly pigmented and have an amazing range of shades. Most of the shades are shimmer finish, but they do have a few matte shades, which make great crease colours. I own 15 of these at the moment. After ordering a couple of shades a few months ago, I had to go back for more! My top recommendations would be Bella Copper, Bella Gold, Bella Khaki, Bella Mandarin and Bella Rose.
Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks – Super affordable, massive range of shades that provide great dupes for higher end lippies and last ages on the lips! My favourites of the moment are Sugar Plum Fairy, Bare It All, Pinkerbelle and Rose Bud.
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints – These are compared to the Too faced Melted lipsticks, however I feel that while the packaging of these products are very similar the finish is totally different. Too faced Melted lipsticks dry to a matte finish, whereas the LA girl Glazed lip paints maintain more of a glossy finish. I find them more comparable to OCC lip tars, with their finish and highly pigmented gloss effect. Again, these are really affordable and have a unique range colours available. I love Whimsical, Tango and Tease.




Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette and Walking on Eggshells palette – I really enjoy using these palettes. There has been a lot of hype over them, and for good reason it seems. I particularly loved the Walking on Eggshells palette. The shades look very neutral, but give such an amazing shimmery, fresh look to the eyes. This also contains some good dupes for Mac shadows.

(For UK readers, these products are available on




Anastasia Maya Mia palette – The Anastasia palettes have been really popular in the YouTube community, so I wanted to test one out for myself. I really like the warm tones in this palette with a few pops of colour. This makes a good everyday palette or something for travelling with as you can achieve a number of looks with just this one palette.

Kat Von D Chrysalis palette – I picked up the Monarch palette on my last trip to the states and the pigmentation was so wow that I had to get the Chrysalis palette too. Beautiful and unique colours, and some of the best shadows I’ve ever used. Kat Von D rocks my world.

Lorac Pro 2 palette – Another product which has had an amazing amount of hype surrounding it. I don’t often opt for cool tone shadows, but these shades are lovely. Again this is a highly pigmented palette and I can see why everyone loves it!

And that’s it! I need to start building up my beauty wish list again for my next trip to the US, so if you have any recommendations or must-have products, then please let me know!