BH Cosmetics Wild Baked Eyeshadow Palettes

Following my ultra obsession with the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette, I have been desperate to get my mitts on BH’s three new baked eyeshadow palettes. However, as they are relatively new to the states, it means they are practically impossible to get hold of in the UK, unless you are willing to pay the shipping fees over from the US. Well, I caved. The cyber Monday sales meant that instead of the palettes being $19.95 each, they were $7.50 (impossible to resist!) Unfortunately, it was the shipping that tipped the scale at $14.95, but I felt I could just about justify it as I was getting such a bargain on the palettes!

So here is what I got…

Wild & Free




Wild at Heart




Wild Child




Once again, BH Cosmetics has exceeded my expectations and produced three amazing quality, beautifully baked eyeshadow palettes. Each palette provides truly unique shades, which can create a wide variety of looks. Out of the three palettes Wild and Free was probably the palette which I felt would be most out of my comfort zone. However, it contains some of the most enticing colours I have seen in a palette, particularly the bright cornflower blue shade and the deep teal green shade on the top row of the palette. I will be doing my best to use these colours as often as possible! In terms of wearability, you can easily create everyday looks with the three of these palettes, probably the most wearable being the Wild Child palette.
I love all three of these palettes, and I am so glad I invested in them!

You can find these baked palettes on BH cosmetics website: and also on ebay.



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