Kringle Candle Haul!

As a big fan of scented candles, when I received an email from Kringle candle last week about their retiring fragrances sale I had to take a look.

For those of you who may not already know, the maker of Kringle candle was also one of the original makers of Yankee candle, so as you can probably guess, the quality of these candles are very high. The normal pricing of Kringle candles are quite comparable to Yankee candle, yet they have amazing sales! Here is what I picked up…



Watermelon large classic apothecary jar £10

Petals in water large classic apothecary jar £10

Pumpkin spice small classic apothecary jar £3

Strawberry coloured small tumbler £5

Watercolours air freshener £2.40

I already own a number of Kringle candles, and I can’t recommend them enough! They are highly scented, long lasting candles with a huge variety of fragrances available. I absolutely love the Watercolours range, I already had the candle and wanted to get the air freshener for the car. I couldn’t resist the large jars as they were a brilliant deal at half the original price, and I thought with Halloween just around the corner Pumpkin spice seemed suitable!

Take a look at their sale at




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