Skincare Saviours

I’ve always tried to look after my skin, yet I’m always looking for a quick fix. For some reason, I always get a little lazy when it comes to exfoliating, moisturising, removing makeup etc etc. However, at the moment I feel I have found a good balance of products that keep my skin clear and smooth, don’t break the bank and aren’t too time consuming. So here are my favourite skincare products of the moment that I feel work well for me and my skin…



L’oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil – This is probably my favourite skincare product of all time! I have tried numerous cleansers and toners in the past and always ended up reverting back to the good old makeup remover wipes, usually because I found it far too much fuss using separate products and having to repeat processes to fully remove makeup. Then, I discovered this little gem. I had heard about Mac’s cleansing oil previously but thought the £20 price tag was a little too hefty. Yet, on a trip down the beauty aisle in Asda I came across the L’oreal Skin Perfecting Oil on an introductory offer, and decided to give it a try. This makes removing my makeup so easy! I use about two pumps of the oil and press it all over my face and eyes and then simply rinse it off, and all the my makeup has disappeared! It removes the toughest of makeup, and having tried samples of similar products from brands like Clarins and Clinique, I find this far superior. If you’re lazy with removing makeup, but feel your skin needs a bit of TLC this is the product for you! You can find this for about £7.99, but it is often on offer in various places. At the moment it is £5.33 in Boots!

Lush ‘Let the good times roll’ – I use this most mornings to wash my face and provide a bit of gentle exfoliation. It’s quite an unusual product, as it almost looks like dough in a pot, but this is because it is made up of natural ingredients like polenta and cinnamon powder (which also means it’s smells AMAZING!). You break off a small piece of the product and rub it between your hands with a small amount of water and apply it to damp skin, rub in, then wash off. This leaves my skin really smooth and soft, and when I don’t use this product I sometimes find that I start getting little bumps under my skin. 100g of this can be bought at Lush for £6.40. You can also buy a 250g pot for £16, but as they are made from natural ingredients, Lush products usually have a expiration date of about three months. I find the 100g pot lasts just about the right amount of time.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (around £3) – They’re quick, they’re easy, they’re travel friendly. For those days when I really can’t be bothered, they do the job without irritating my skin. Need I say more?

Simple Rich Moisturiser (£3.99) – I used this years ago and then drifted away to using various other products like Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturiser and Palmers Daily Facial Lotion, but recently I’ve come back to Simple. It’s just so cheap! It’s probably not as moisturising as something like Clinique, but I do feel that it moisturises my skin well and lasts all day, and it doesn’t irritate my often sensitive skin. I always find this on offer too, so very rarely have to pay the full price.

Eucerin Aquaphor Balm – This is a thick balm that can be used for very dry skin or various skin conditions. If I have any skin irritation this sorts it out straight away, but on a day to day basis I use this as an intensive moisturising treatment for my lips. This stops my lips from getting dried out or chapped, and the tube lasts ages! It is £8.50 usually unless you can find it on offer, but it really is very good at keeping my lips soft and smooth.

E.L.F Lip Exfoliator – This is great at scrubbing away any dry skin that you so have on your lips, especially if you like wearing matte lipsticks, as they can sometimes cling to dry areas. It’s easy and quick to use as it comes in a lipstick applicator form, some higher end lip exfoliators come in a pot so require a little more time and effort. You can find this at E.L.F for £3.95, but E.L.F frequently do 50% off sales on their website!



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