Introducing… The Beauty Bank

My interest in all things makeup has steadily grown since my teenage years, to what has now become somewhat of an excessive ‘collection’. To others, I understand it may seem pointless to have numerous pink lipsticks of an almost identical shade, tens of eyeshadow palettes or several bronzers. But for me the bottom line is – I just LOVE makeup.

So, after spending years regularly watching beauty youtubers, following blogs and reading beauty reviews, I decided to create my own outlet for my appreciation of makeup and beauty, to share my opinions and experiences with others, and most importantly connect with people with the same passion as me.

My intention for this blog is to provide informative reviews on new products and my latest purchases, posting face of the day (FOTD) and tutorials, and writing about anything beauty related that I feel needs to be shared!

Please comment if you have any questions or requests and if you like what you see then please follow me!




2 thoughts on “Introducing… The Beauty Bank

  1. Welcome to the club :’) I started 28 days ago so I don’t know why I’m talking lol! But I was also inspired by youtubers. I actually started youtube but it wasn’t really my thing. So I switched to blogging! And here I am! I guess that I’m doing pretty well since I’m very dedicated. Make sure to make social networking platforms for your blog it helps..Alllloooottttt. Go to the customize part of your blog and add some widgets it makes your blog look really nice! I’m following! ❤

    My blog: (we used the same theme XD)


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